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About Sarlin Wellness Way

Live Healthy the Sarlin Wellness Way!

Together with his wife Sandy, Dr. Milton D. Sarlin developed Sarlin Wellness Way after practicing many years of family medicine. In an expanded medical practice, Dr. Sarlin focused not only on family medicine, but also on health promotion and wellness, and the specialty of Bariatric medicine (weight loss).

Dr. Sarlin and his staff originally developed this website for the convenience of his patients. Being interested in the general health of our society, especially as it relates to proper weight and nutrition, Dr. Sarlin and his wife Sandy envisioned Sarlinway.com as a means to provide you with health-related, nutritional, and weight control products and information. They both strive to provide the best, high quality products, such as those from R-Kane, Bariatrix, and our new line of NRG items to make your weight loss an easier task.

Because Dr. Sarlin's practice acquainted him with many effective and economical health-related products, Sarlinway.com also offers specially selected items in skin care and convenient home exercise. These items allow you to get the most benefit from your nutritional regimen.

After practicing family and bariatric medicine for many years, Dr. Sarlin is now semi-retired, but still dedicated to the mission of Sarlin Wellness Way. Sarlinwellnessway.com & Sarlinway.com continue with his guidance and is operated by his wife and a dedicated staff in Marietta, Georgia.

Sarlin Wellness Way
4017 Blackwell Park Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30062

Please feel free to contact us about any issue:

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E-mail: support@sarlinwellnessway.com 

Our Business Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am-4:00 pm EST!