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Effective Weight Loss Starts Here!  

Being very particular about which weight control items we offer, Sarlin Wellness Way proudly promotes NRG, R-Kane and Bariatrix products. We also specialize in practical, simple fitness items, and invigorating skin care products that are both affordable and effective. Above all, we are price conscious, so you can lose weight without losing all of your cash!

Bariatrix Proti Flavored  Soy Snacks
Bariatrix Proti Snax Puffs
Bariatrix Oatmeal
Bariatrix Proti-15 Cold Drink Mix
Bariatrix Proti-15 Hot Drink Mix
Bariatrix Proti-Max Shake & Pudding Mix
Bariatrix Proti-15 Soups
Bariatrix Proti Soy Snacks
Bariatrix Proti Square Wafers

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